This is the outfit I wore on our third day in Paris which mostly consisted of strolling through the small streets and finding cute shops. I actually hate shopping in the "hot spots" of Paris like the Champs Elysees or Galleries Lafayettes, and much prefer taking a stroll through smaller shopping districts and finding new brands and designers. 

Im wearing a Sandro maxi skirt which is that difficult length and can only be worn with flats, but the colour is absolutely stunning. I am considering tailoring it to make it knee length. I am also wearing a Zara studded blouse and Chanel vintage bag. I love vintage Chanel bags, they have a certain character and feel to them. Hope your Monday wasn't too difficult and wish you a good week!



I love food. I love good food. I am the kind of girl who will cut back on shopping to eat very very well.  I'm no Carrie Bradshaw who said, "When I first moved to New York I bought a VOGUE instead of dinner. I just felt like it fed me more". I need my food. This is why I love traveling and discovering new restaurants and recipes (I love cooking too). Paris is heaven if you want to eat well - choices range, prices range, styles range, and there is something for everyone. 

On our first day we went for something more uptown and had a tartare in Hotel Marriott on Champs Elysees (in our defense we were exhausted) which turned out to be absolutely delicious. For dinner we picked the famous and fashionable l'Avenue which has some of the most gorgeous waitresses I have ever seen, it's like model central. L'Avenue is more of a name than an actual restaurant, nevertheless the food and atmosphere were good. 

On our second day we went to Maxim's little sister restaurant - Minim's where I had the classic steak with beans and fries. For dinner we decided to go to Ralph Lauren's Ralph's Restaurant, expecting little from the actual food. It turned out to be our favourite spot in Paris. The food, the service and the ambiance were amazing. Ralph's is hidden in a small alley, lit by candle light with waiters all dressed in the RL clothes. The Ralph Burger is simply divine. Definitely check out this romantic spot when you're in Paris. 

Our third day we had a small lunch-snack in Laduree Royale (after bumping into Mr. Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond in Hermes de Concorde). Nothing can beat Laduree, it's perfection. As for dinner we went to Bofinger, classic French brasserie near Bastille where I had a cold seafood platter with oysters, snails and so on. Brasseries are all over Paris and you simply need to find your favourite one. I hope I gave you some ideas for your next visit to Paris!



Now that winter is quickly approaching I realise how much I will miss summer and sunshine and dresses and sandals. This look is everything I love about summer. I have had this dress for over 2 years and it was a very unexpected and lucky find in H&M, there was only one left and my size, I have never seen anyone wear the same one. I like to think it was fate (I know, I know). Summer begins for me whenever I put this dress on for the first time, and this was probably the last time this summer. Here I decided to give it edge by pairing it with a denim cropped and gave it even more colour with my turquoise vintage Chanel bag. I really hope winter won't be too cruel to us.



Here is a collection of my favourite pictures from our trip to Paris. We stayed in the Hotel Bradford Elysees which has that cute "Alice in Wonderland meets Parisian Chic" decor, complete with an elevator dating back to the 1920's. Not only is the hotel well located, but all the members of the staff are super friendly and helpful! We were lucky enough to get our room upgraded and got to wake up to a gorgeous view on the Eiffel Tower for 3 days, thanks to the amazing Clementine! Definitely try out this hotel if you're going to Paris, I'll give you a run down of some of my favourite restaurants and cafes in the next post.



A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to spend four magical days in Paris with my boyfriend. We stayed at the adorable Bradford Elysees which is two minutes away from the famous Champs Elysees and 10 minutes away by metro from almost anywhere. This was by far not my first time in Paris and it feels great to be almost at home in a city far from home. Now, after having seen everything that has to be seen, every time I visit this beautiful city all I do is go hunting for new restaurants and hidden stores. I will tell you much more about the food, hotel, shopping and other fun things to do in Paris in my next posts. 

Now about the outfit. On my first day I decided to be inspired by a typical Parisian look with typical blacks, whites and reds. I wore a very soft and casual striped shirt and dressed it up with a sheer maxi skirt which I actually bought on this trip. I also wore my vintage burgundy Chanel envelope bag and a string of oversized pearls to jazz up the look.  Now about the shoes; NEVER believe anyone who says they can survive a whole day in Paris on heels. It just doesn't happen if you actually move around, which is why I only wore mine for lunch at l'Avenue and for the rest of the day I opted for comfortable Tory Burch ballerinas. My lipstick is Russian Red from M.A.C. which is one of my favourite red lipsticks because it lasts throughout the day without smudging or drying out the lips. Voila my first look from Paris!



There is always a starting point in every project, and this is "DAY ONE" of something called StylittudeIt took me a while to think of the perfect name, but I stopped on a combination of - Style+Attitude. In my eyes Stylittude is a blog about my ATTITUDE to life, STYLE and anything in-between. 

I believe that fashion and style blogging should never be too glossy, too perfect or too unattainable, for that we have Vogue. The allure of blogging is in REAL people, REAL pieces and REAL ways to pair them together, and this is my biggest objective with StylittudeFor me fashion goes beyond the clothes, for me it is a reflection of our current state of mind as well as overall personality. I don't like pigeonholing either people or style which is why my outfits can range from classy and chic, one day to laid-back casual.

I hope you enjoy, comment, critique, praise, hate and love this blog and let me know exactly what you think.