I love food. I love good food. I am the kind of girl who will cut back on shopping to eat very very well.  I'm no Carrie Bradshaw who said, "When I first moved to New York I bought a VOGUE instead of dinner. I just felt like it fed me more". I need my food. This is why I love traveling and discovering new restaurants and recipes (I love cooking too). Paris is heaven if you want to eat well - choices range, prices range, styles range, and there is something for everyone. 

On our first day we went for something more uptown and had a tartare in Hotel Marriott on Champs Elysees (in our defense we were exhausted) which turned out to be absolutely delicious. For dinner we picked the famous and fashionable l'Avenue which has some of the most gorgeous waitresses I have ever seen, it's like model central. L'Avenue is more of a name than an actual restaurant, nevertheless the food and atmosphere were good. 

On our second day we went to Maxim's little sister restaurant - Minim's where I had the classic steak with beans and fries. For dinner we decided to go to Ralph Lauren's Ralph's Restaurant, expecting little from the actual food. It turned out to be our favourite spot in Paris. The food, the service and the ambiance were amazing. Ralph's is hidden in a small alley, lit by candle light with waiters all dressed in the RL clothes. The Ralph Burger is simply divine. Definitely check out this romantic spot when you're in Paris. 

Our third day we had a small lunch-snack in Laduree Royale (after bumping into Mr. Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond in Hermes de Concorde). Nothing can beat Laduree, it's perfection. As for dinner we went to Bofinger, classic French brasserie near Bastille where I had a cold seafood platter with oysters, snails and so on. Brasseries are all over Paris and you simply need to find your favourite one. I hope I gave you some ideas for your next visit to Paris!


  1. Блог отличный, улыбка превосходная!)

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