This coat was love at first sight. Animal print has never been my joker card, or in fact any card of significance in my wardrobe. However I decided to go all out on the print and bought this absolute statement piece in H&M. I honestly think its the faux leather details that got me, it makes the coat so much more special. The weather in Switzerland is really getting worse by the minute and this is probably one of my last posts with golden leaves in the background. The hostile negative temperatures are creeping upon us and staying warm becomes the only thing on my mind. Looking good and staying warm has never been my forte so if you have any tips and tricks on doing both please share!

I wore this coat with an oversized, burgundy bag from Zara and my new Gucci ankle boots with stunning burgundy soles. I was very minimal with my accessories and went for two simple gold bangles and a gold ring both from H&M. Underneath I am wearing black shorts and a beige cashmere sweater to keep me warm. Hope you like it and enjoy your week!



Just after the Edelweiss Showroom, Romina and I headed for the long-awaited Mode Suisse fashion show in Geneva. Mode Suisse showcases numerous Swiss designers of all styles and influences, from minimal to downright architectural. I must say I was absolutely astonished at the quality and organisation of the fashion show and the showroom belonging to it. I met many designers who talked about their vision for a more fashionable and creative Switzerland and how this reflected in their designs. Therefore I feel obliged to praise some of my favourite creators and pieces from their collections.



Last week I attended Geneva's most talked about event of the moment - The Edelweiss Showroom. The event was hosted by the stylish Edelweiss Magazine which is one of the most famous Swiss fashion magazines. The Showroom showcased the collections of a number of Swiss accessories and fashion designers. For this event Edelweiss rented out the Tiffany Hotel, which by the way is an amazing hotel, in order to create one huge closet full of all sorts of goodies, a make up stand, and a nail bar. 

Another important aspect of this year's showroom was to involve bloggers to collaborate, host giveaways and interview the designers. In fact I participated in one of these giveaways and won a subscription to the Edelweiss magazine for a year and their famous guide of the it-places in the french area of Switzerland. It was amazing to meet the Edelweiss team, especially the lovely and bubbly Vanessa and fall in love with millions of pieces that were created by Swiss designers notably RoyalBlush with some eye-catching bracelets, Viva Frida with beautiful vintage-esque designs, Baies d'Erelle with intricate, quirky and top quality jewerly, Aleksandra Wisniewska with sophisticates designs and Avinas jewelry with adorable clover jewels. Hope to see them all next year!



Yes, yes, yes... I am part of the burgundy cult. Whenever I found out that burgundy was the new "Mint 2012", I was ecstatic. I have owned these pants for 3 years now(I swear) and never before has burgundy been such a hit. This weekend was absolutely exhausting, I had several events I attended including the Edelweiss Showroom and Mode Suisse fashion show, which were equally fun. I will give you a full report on both in my next posts. 

For these events I needed something that could be dressed up and down, which is why I had some flats and burgundy lipstick in my purse. I am wearing my beloved burgundy Topshop pants, a leather jacket from Zara and my new jersey peplum T-Shirt from H&M. However the focal points of the outfit were the accessories - the burgundy hat form H&M and the famous Chanel 2.55, both of which received numerous comments. As I mentioned before my heart will always belong to Chanel, more specifically classic and timeless Chanel designs such as the tweed suit and the 2.55 bag, call me boring but I believe in good foundations for special creations.



The weather in Switzerland is slowly becoming chillier and chillier and the coats and sweaters are making their way into my outfits. However I must admit that I am a sucker for Autumn, golden leaves, hot drinks and the smell of bonfires. Being in my last year of school and taking part in a lot of extra activities and clubs makes time management an issue, which is why my posts have not been as frequent as I would like. However I have a lot of events I will be attending in the upcoming weeks and I am excited to share my impressions with you. 

This is what I wore for a short walk with Romina of Blaastyle on a chilly afternoon. I am wearing my beloved D&G silk dress which is a perfect combination of dressy and casual because of the jersey lining. I was really shocked that Spring Summer 2012 was the last collection by D&G as Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have decided to discontinue the young little sister brand despite its continuous success. Despite my disappointment I am looking forward to seeing how the designers will incorporate elements of D&G into the Dolce and Gabbana line, as was promised in their interview on the matter. I am also wearing a leather jacket by Zara and their famous thin strap heels which I stole from Romina. I went quite minimal on the jewelry and accessories because I felt the dress spoke for itself. 



Here are some new additions to my closet and vanity. Most were presents for my birthday, like these amazing Alexander McQueen heels which are probably my favorite pair of heels at the moment. I also received a lovely pink pastel scarf from my friend and blogger Elvira Rezzonico of The Russian Code. Also you can see some new products from The Body Shop that smell divine and a new perfume by Guerlain as well as an Alexander McQueen ring.

I am also really happy to tell you that I received some NYX make up to test and show you guys. NYX is an American brand of cosmetics which have recently made their way into the Swiss market. I am so excited to test their products and tell you how I feel about them. NYX products come at a really good price and the pigments and colors are really intense. My personal favorites are the eye shadow palettes and lipsticks as well as jumbo lip pencils which are really moisturizing and last all day. I really recommend that you try out their products and let me know what you think about them!