Last week I attended Geneva's most talked about event of the moment - The Edelweiss Showroom. The event was hosted by the stylish Edelweiss Magazine which is one of the most famous Swiss fashion magazines. The Showroom showcased the collections of a number of Swiss accessories and fashion designers. For this event Edelweiss rented out the Tiffany Hotel, which by the way is an amazing hotel, in order to create one huge closet full of all sorts of goodies, a make up stand, and a nail bar. 

Another important aspect of this year's showroom was to involve bloggers to collaborate, host giveaways and interview the designers. In fact I participated in one of these giveaways and won a subscription to the Edelweiss magazine for a year and their famous guide of the it-places in the french area of Switzerland. It was amazing to meet the Edelweiss team, especially the lovely and bubbly Vanessa and fall in love with millions of pieces that were created by Swiss designers notably RoyalBlush with some eye-catching bracelets, Viva Frida with beautiful vintage-esque designs, Baies d'Erelle with intricate, quirky and top quality jewerly, Aleksandra Wisniewska with sophisticates designs and Avinas jewelry with adorable clover jewels. Hope to see them all next year!


  1. really nice pictures =)

  2. Выиграть подписку на год это замечательно! Поздравляю! Украшения такие красивые! Интересный пост!

  3. Oh I love that :) so sexy :)))) I am following so if you like me blog you can put a few words :***

  4. looks like a gorgeous event! loved the post! xx

  5. Hi Anastasia!! It was nice to meet you last time at the Edelweiss Showroom :) My post about it is online too... I hope we could meet somewhere again and be able to talk more this time... See you:)

  6. Loving your red pieces, looks so good.

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