Yes, yes, yes... I am part of the burgundy cult. Whenever I found out that burgundy was the new "Mint 2012", I was ecstatic. I have owned these pants for 3 years now(I swear) and never before has burgundy been such a hit. This weekend was absolutely exhausting, I had several events I attended including the Edelweiss Showroom and Mode Suisse fashion show, which were equally fun. I will give you a full report on both in my next posts. 

For these events I needed something that could be dressed up and down, which is why I had some flats and burgundy lipstick in my purse. I am wearing my beloved burgundy Topshop pants, a leather jacket from Zara and my new jersey peplum T-Shirt from H&M. However the focal points of the outfit were the accessories - the burgundy hat form H&M and the famous Chanel 2.55, both of which received numerous comments. As I mentioned before my heart will always belong to Chanel, more specifically classic and timeless Chanel designs such as the tweed suit and the 2.55 bag, call me boring but I believe in good foundations for special creations.

I am wearing:
Jacket and heels: Zara
T-Shirt and hat: H&M
Necklace and trousers: Topshop
Ring: Alexander McQueen
Bag: Chanel 2.55


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  2. I adore you so much, every time I look at you I can't take my eyes off.

  3. You look super pretty! Love your hat! Awesome outfit!

  4. awesome pants! I'm looking forward to the posts about the Showroom and event! :)

  5. Haha, I'm part of burgundy cult as well. I can not resist, this verry berry burgundy has become my big love. :) And really awesome outfit, I like it from head to toe ;) xx

  6. wow
    nice outfit, love it all :)
    I follow your blog now, visit my blog :))))

  7. love this look! perfect-- ♥

  8. wow looking gorgeous!amazing pants and LOVE the hat- amazing detail!

  9. Hey Anastasia you look stunning. love the new layout and photos of your blog!

  10. cool !! nice fall colors !

  11. Love the outfit, burgundy and leather are perfect together!
    xxx Laura


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