The reason I am making a separate post for the backstage pictures from the Mode Suisse fashion show, is simply because I want to share the work and dedication that goes into creating a fashion show. The life "behind the scenes" is incredible, people are running, talking, shouting, eating, laughing, and it seems as though the whole world is crammed into the room. There are numerous racks of clothing, various beauty tools, make up products, and of course tons of people. There are make up artists, designers, models, organizers, hairdressers and bloggers. Its amazing how different the refined, smooth and professional the show is compared to the backstage, which is energetic, emotional, almost crazy. The models seemed to be the most calm of the bunch, be it due to experience of attempts to hide stress. In all honesty I love being in the backstage and witnessing the whole process that created the final outcome, it is much more fascinating and intriguing for me. I tried to capture this buzz and life in my shots, I hope you enjoy them!


  1. sounds like oyu had an awesome time at the Mode Suisse event! Would love to get backstage as well :) Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. cool pictures =)