I feel like such a bad blogger for not posting in almost 2 weeks. However in my defense I was very, very busy in Singapore. I barely had the time to eat. I promise I am back though and will be posting regularly again. These are the pictures from a lovely event I was invited to before leaving for Singapore. This was a showroom organized by PRFact and the lovely Mira invited me with some other local bloggers to check out the new collections of brands such as Diesel, Simone Perele, Swarovski, Puma and Navyboot. 

  I loved the Diesel Collection. The pieces were complete with romantic fabrics and strong leather details. The woman this line targets is strong, powerful, decisive yet feminine and elegant. There were florals, pinks, pastels, feminine prints however they were always complete with a leather buckle or some mesh black fabric. I got to see the Diesel brand in a totally unexpected way, as a feminine, elegant, fresh high fashion womenswear brand. I recommend that you all check out their new collection and discover a new side of Diesel.

I also saw the young and fresh 55DSL line that featured printed T-Shirts and surfer inspired parkas and shorts. This line was very adolescent, natural, laid back and most importantly interesting. I also saw some classic Diesel jeans as well as their new concept jeans - Jogg Jeans which are "jeans meet sweat pants". This is an amazing product that took Diesel 33 years of research to master. These are jeans...but sweat pants. I cannot fully explain it however they look and feel like jeans on the outside but on the inside they have the same soft and plushy interior as sweat pants. I will definitely be purchasing a pair for myself, they are perfect for airplanes of grocery shopping.

I also got the chance to indulge in some proper girl time when checking out the new Simone Perele lingerie collection. I think no girl can resist beautiful, well-made, intricate lingerie. It makes all women feel sexy inside out. This collection was sophisticated, feminine and detailed with beautiful colours and perfect fabrics. I cannot wait to purchase one of these sets (my heart is set on the razor blue one), it is the ultimate gift for any girl.

The new Swarovski designs left me in awe. I love delicate jewelry, yet I can never resist statement rings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces. This collection has it all - bold colours, crazy patterns, funky insects, statement pieces and brilliant craftsmanship. This line was inspired by the Americas, various aspects of it, such as the high life of Miami, and the tribal nature of the Amazons. Swarovski is quite sentimental for me; for as long as I can remember there was always numerous Swarowski pieces in my mother's jewelry box. This is probably why I love the brand so much. I cannot wait to see these pieces in stores and am so grateful to PRFact for giving me a necklace from the collection as a preview.


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