I fully admit that I am a horrible blogger for not posting in almost two weeks. The reason for this being my appointment as the President of the Human Rights Commission in the Model United Nations (MUN) Conference in Singapore which will begin on Monday. MUN is a little like a class, the only difference is that you learn about current U.N. issues and think of how to tackle them. There are several MUN conferences worldwide such as the on in Singapore, which is also one of the biggest in Asia, and the biggest one in The Hague which I will also be attending in January. At these conferences you get to meet people from all over the world and work with them on something that is currently happening, something truly relevant today. 

MUN is one of my biggest passions as I want to study International Relations in university. This is another reason why I have been so busy; this week I sent my university applications to England and now am waiting for their replies. 

I though it would be nice to tell you about what I do outside of the blog, what my academic passions are and my future aspirations. I hope you will forgive me, and if not, a special surprise will be waiting for you on the blog tomorrow and will make up for my horrible blogging. 

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