I lived in Prague for three years, so you can only imagine how great it is to be able come to this amazing city and feel at home. Prague is one of my favourite cities in Europe, the architecture, the atmosphere, the nightlife, the people all make it absolutely perfect in my eyes. Prague is magical in every season, the Christmas market in Winter, the lazy days in the numerous parks in Summer, the fresh floral scents in Spring and the deep array of orange and golden leaves in Autumn. So if youre wondering where to go next, go to Prague and you will not regret it.

As for my outfit I stayed very casual due to the amount of walking I had to do, and the cobbled streets are not suitable for 14 centimeter heels. I am wearing my amazing new jeans from Zalando Collection, they are soft, sit amazingly and have the perfect high waist. Check out their cute and original video for the christmas season! Also many of their items are now on sale so be sure to check out their store HERE. I am also wearing a burgundy beanie from H&M and a burgundy bag from Zara which completely saved me in Prague because I had so much stuff to carry around and my ears were constantly cold. I am also wearing a Sandro cape with a fur hood as well as my new booties from H&M. Enjoy!


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