While in Milan I was invited to attend the Philipp Plein showroom to discover the FW 13'/14' collection. I must say I absolutely amazed by some of the creations, every single one had Plein's signature twist. Either fur, or embroidery, or jewels, or little brooches with insects on them. The pieces were definitely memorable and I fell absolutely in love with the ballerinas and loafers with various prints, brooches and appliques. I also loved the creations for men, as well as the sport section (especially the embellished Batman jogging suit). Definitely cant wait till the collection hits the stores so I can get my hands on those ballerinas! The lounge area was especially cozy and the whole Philipp Plein team were incredibly welcoming and kind. A special thank you to Ludivine Pont for inviting me!



For those that follow me on Twitter or Instagram may know that I was lucky enough to attend Milan Fashion Week and got to do plenty of amazing things and meet some incredible people. While I will make post about my activities within the next few days, I thought I would share some of my favourite street style looks with you. The weather in Milan was indeed very unkind yet that didn't stop the fashionistas from creating some memorable looks, some of my favourite ones you can see here. 

One aspect on which I agree with Suzy Menkes' controversial article, “The Circus of Fashion” on T Magazine which has outraged many online icons, is that fashion has indeed moved from inside the shows that were reserved only for the so called fashion elite, to the streets which are open to anyone. Perhaps Menkes does not approve of this change, I on the other hand do, bloggers are now recognised for their stylistic and journalistic talent and are respected and respected in the world of fashion.


Living in Switzerland has both its advantages and disadvantages. In fact the disadvantages are few, actually there is only one. Very cold winters. Every year as soon as November hits, there is tons of snow and ice everywhere. You need 20 layers just to stay alive and maybe another 5 to make sure you're warm. I may be exaggerating, but for someone who loves fashion it really is that bad. Everyone has their own tricks for staying warm and well-dressed, some of mine are wearing t-shirts under sweaters, tights under jeans and knee length socks with boots. Its the little things that count. 

When I took these pictures the temperature jumped from -2 to 4 degrees which made it seem way warmer than usual. So I decided to wear my camel coloured Zara skirt and a chunky-knit Claudie Pierlot sweater which I got on sale a couple of days ago. Actually I have developed a huge crush on the three french sister brands - Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot. They all have chic, feminine, interesting designs and use great materials. I am also wearing D&G boots and a headband from H&M which despite its looks keeps me super warm. I also added some simple gold jewelry from H&M to give the outfit a bit of shine. Happy winter! :)



I spent this week at a THIMUN conference in the Hague, Netherlands. THIMUN conferences are model United Conferences which means that we imitate the debates that go on in the UN. We create resolutions, debate them and edit them to make solutions for real issues the UN is tackling right now. This was my fourth and last conference and I cannot tell you how much MUN has taught me, the amazing people I have met, and just the overall fun of the conferences.

Now a little about the Hague, its cold, wet and incredibly windy. During the shooting of these pictures it was windy and rainy so my apologies for the messy hair. As for the outfit I decided to put some colour into the gray weather. Both the dress and the jacket are Sandro, an amazing French brand that has ultra feminine yet edgy pieces. I am also wearing my Gucci ankle booties and a Balenciaga bag. My trick to keep warm during cold days and still be able to wear a skirt of dress, is to layer your tights. Two pairs and you'll be as warm as in jeans. I also recently received this beautiful Hermes bracelet which has been by "coup de coeur" due to the undeniable perfection of the leather and the signature quality of Hermes. It fit my blue mood perfectly.