I spent this week at a THIMUN conference in the Hague, Netherlands. THIMUN conferences are model United Conferences which means that we imitate the debates that go on in the UN. We create resolutions, debate them and edit them to make solutions for real issues the UN is tackling right now. This was my fourth and last conference and I cannot tell you how much MUN has taught me, the amazing people I have met, and just the overall fun of the conferences.

Now a little about the Hague, its cold, wet and incredibly windy. During the shooting of these pictures it was windy and rainy so my apologies for the messy hair. As for the outfit I decided to put some colour into the gray weather. Both the dress and the jacket are Sandro, an amazing French brand that has ultra feminine yet edgy pieces. I am also wearing my Gucci ankle booties and a Balenciaga bag. My trick to keep warm during cold days and still be able to wear a skirt of dress, is to layer your tights. Two pairs and you'll be as warm as in jeans. I also recently received this beautiful Hermes bracelet which has been by "coup de coeur" due to the undeniable perfection of the leather and the signature quality of Hermes. It fit my blue mood perfectly.


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