For those that follow me on Twitter or Instagram may know that I was lucky enough to attend Milan Fashion Week and got to do plenty of amazing things and meet some incredible people. While I will make post about my activities within the next few days, I thought I would share some of my favourite street style looks with you. The weather in Milan was indeed very unkind yet that didn't stop the fashionistas from creating some memorable looks, some of my favourite ones you can see here. 

One aspect on which I agree with Suzy Menkes' controversial article, “The Circus of Fashion” on T Magazine which has outraged many online icons, is that fashion has indeed moved from inside the shows that were reserved only for the so called fashion elite, to the streets which are open to anyone. Perhaps Menkes does not approve of this change, I on the other hand do, bloggers are now recognised for their stylistic and journalistic talent and are respected and respected in the world of fashion.

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