Living in Switzerland has both its advantages and disadvantages. In fact the disadvantages are few, actually there is only one. Very cold winters. Every year as soon as November hits, there is tons of snow and ice everywhere. You need 20 layers just to stay alive and maybe another 5 to make sure you're warm. I may be exaggerating, but for someone who loves fashion it really is that bad. Everyone has their own tricks for staying warm and well-dressed, some of mine are wearing t-shirts under sweaters, tights under jeans and knee length socks with boots. Its the little things that count. 

When I took these pictures the temperature jumped from -2 to 4 degrees which made it seem way warmer than usual. So I decided to wear my camel coloured Zara skirt and a chunky-knit Claudie Pierlot sweater which I got on sale a couple of days ago. Actually I have developed a huge crush on the three french sister brands - Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot. They all have chic, feminine, interesting designs and use great materials. I am also wearing D&G boots and a headband from H&M which despite its looks keeps me super warm. I also added some simple gold jewelry from H&M to give the outfit a bit of shine. Happy winter! :)


  1. love this outfit even you froze to death! The headband and your skirt look so pretty, as well as the whole atmosphere of the shoot :) Nice post!

  2. Lovely outfit :)

    Much Love, Virginie

  3. love the ivory+camel combination, looks really lovely on a winter outfit :)

  4. Your photos are so gorgeous, you are such a doll! :)


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