You might have noticed that I have developed a passion for cobalt blue, it is, after all, one of the key colours for SS13'. Well, I couldn't resist again. When I received this cool skirt from the online store She Inside, I wanted to pair it with something fun and create an original look. She Inside is an online store carrying numerous trendy designs of a high quality, their store is easy to use and they offer great rewards for frequent shoppers, check it out - HERE. This skirt is such a great piece because of the irregular peplum which makes an interesting shape, the material is also very soft and gentle on skin. 

I paired this new "coup de coeur" of mine with a vintage YSL bomber jacket and a pair of blue gucci stilettos to create a contrast of colours. The floral shirt is Zara while the neon earrings are H&M. The bracelet is Hermes, and one of my favourite jewelry pieces in my collection, it adds chic to any item. We shot these pictures in the town of Pully down by the beautiful Lake Geneva (hence the boats in the background), and my skin looks exceptionally white because of how absolutely freezing it was and the fact that I am simply incapable of tanning. I really cant wait for summer in hopes of at least getting a glow!

Skirt: SheInside (click to see)
Coat: YSL Vintage
Shirt: Zara
Stilettos: Gucci
Earrings: H&M
Bracelet: Hermes


  1. I agree that Lake Geneva is beautiful...
    So are you ahaha ;) Nice post,btw.

  2. The heel! <3 amazing look and style . !


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