I have never functioned well with technology, don't get me wrong I get around, but when I find out that all the pictures I took in Zurich for the Mode Suisse magically disappeared I was only able to declare that me and technology will never be friends. So this is a VERY belated post about the Mode Suisse event in Geneva, however it is the only one that I have pictures form. This is the second Mode Suisse event that I attended and it was great as always, Switzerland has so many talented designer with amazing creations. Some highlights for me were the Julie Egli scarves which had incredible prints, Stephanie Biggel's urban and modern designs, HEAD Geneve's artistic masterpieces, Little Black Dress' uber cool visors and bright colours. Overall the event was an absolute pleasure to attend with many new talents to discover. 

As for my outfit I wore my H&M navy pants paired with a smart shirt from Zara. Alone this would have been rather formal so I mixed it up with some chunky Zara heels a leather jacket from the same store and an H&M bowler hat.

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