I don't believe in having one set style, maybe thats just my excuse. Most days I love dressing up, I love elegance and femininity, however I also believe in trying out new looks being influenced by different styles. Here I went for a very, rock-punk, dark look. I love feeling like a different person for a day, even if it's just my clothes that have changed. Do you guys think we should have one fixed style, and not stray into other influences?

As for the outfit, I am wearing the daring and infamous "COMMES DES FUCKDOWN" t-shirt that is part of the "Homies" "Feline" etc. family. I got this t-shirt on SheInside, the website I talked to you about in this post. The really have such an awesome choice of pieces that are updated  every day. I paired this t-shirt with my classic, Zara leather jacket, and a pair of very explicit tight from Topshop. I also wore my super comfortable Steve Madden booties which I have owned for a while and are my go-to shoes to be comfortable. Another cool piece I am wearing are the Rings&Tings double spike rings I received a while ago, I think they do perfectly with the look and add to the rock-chic effect.