I really wanted to share these pictures with you because of how much I love them. They were taken by an amazing photographer called Charles-Elie Lathion a few years back and still remain my favourite shots to date. I used to model more professionally when I was 16 however now I do it much less because of lack of time and lack of desire to do it professionally. However I still do a photoshoot here and there but these pictures have a certain mood to them - power? fragility? femininity? fierceness? or all of the above? Still not quite able to put my finger on it, let me know if you do!



I have decided to introduce a new weekly post on Stylittude. It will be my song inspiration of the week because of how important music is to me. Unfortunately I cannot sing to save my life, can't play any instruments so I resort to researching and discovering amazing artists with beautiful voices and songs that inspire me. I cannot function without music, it is one of my biggest inspirations, and essential part of my daily life, and ever present in almost all of my daily tasks. In this weekly post I will share with you my song crushes of the moment, judging on talent, tune, sometimes even video or styling of the video clip. 

Trixie Whitley is a Belgian singer and song writer based in Brooklyn and has one of the most powerful voices I have heard in a while. This song, the words and her voice, are hypnotising and the minimalistic black and white elegance of the clip only highlight her talent. Listen and judge for yourself!



For this upcoming season Sandrine Barabinot, decided to explore the wilderness within us. Aptly named, Rita Wild, is inspired by nature, snowy pastures and wild animals, new symbols such the Rottweiler, lion, panther and wolf are introduced. These were classically used with wooden and semi precious beads such as jade or lapis lazuli to create necklaces and bracelets in numerous shades.

Another angle that was introduces are the cross motif necklaces, earrings and rings. I definitely fell in love with this edgy yet feminine symbol and can't wait to get my hands on those earrings. Another notable piece was the "python" necklace which can be used as a bracelet, necklace or belt. Its very elegant and discrete however is still enough to make a strong statement.

Rita&Zia already have several bag models, and this season they decided to branch out into shoes. Brogues, lace-ups, pumps and boots are all present and as always true to the brand image, available in a variety of styles and materials. It is a very exciting collection which is innovative yet true to the brand's image.



You never really value the freedom of summer holidays until you have to go back to responsibilities, deadlines, jobs, classes. I am finally finding time to get back into the blog, all between a full time office job, waiting for my university answer, and a prospect of moving to another country. This is by a mile, the most exciting and important year of my life so far. I graduated school, turned 18, got an offer from a n incredible university, spent the best summer, and am now getting valuable work experience at a huge corporation. This is a great year, and hopefully a great start to what will be a great journey. 

As you probably know I have been loving SheInside, a trendy online boutique retailing trendy and quirky pieces. I recently received this beautiful dungaree-like lavender skirt which is perfect for summer. I paired it with a YSL t-shirt that I got on My Private Boutique, an online outlet with shocking deals on designer items. One thing about me as a blogger is my belief in flats, moccasins, espadrilles, and anything that is comfortable. A lot of bloggers claim their "live in their heels"... there is no way. I love these Louis Vuitton moccasins I received for my birthday, they are great walking shoes and still have an elegant touch. The jacket is another birthday gift, from Sandro, it took me a while to find the perfect white jacket. Hope you like it!