You never really value the freedom of summer holidays until you have to go back to responsibilities, deadlines, jobs, classes. I am finally finding time to get back into the blog, all between a full time office job, waiting for my university answer, and a prospect of moving to another country. This is by a mile, the most exciting and important year of my life so far. I graduated school, turned 18, got an offer from a n incredible university, spent the best summer, and am now getting valuable work experience at a huge corporation. This is a great year, and hopefully a great start to what will be a great journey. 

As you probably know I have been loving SheInside, a trendy online boutique retailing trendy and quirky pieces. I recently received this beautiful dungaree-like lavender skirt which is perfect for summer. I paired it with a YSL t-shirt that I got on My Private Boutique, an online outlet with shocking deals on designer items. One thing about me as a blogger is my belief in flats, moccasins, espadrilles, and anything that is comfortable. A lot of bloggers claim their "live in their heels"... there is no way. I love these Louis Vuitton moccasins I received for my birthday, they are great walking shoes and still have an elegant touch. The jacket is another birthday gift, from Sandro, it took me a while to find the perfect white jacket. Hope you like it! 

I am wearing:
T-shirt: YSL
Jacket: Sandro
Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo 
Moccasins: Louis Vuitton
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Sunnies: Chanel