Today I wanted to share some of my favourite LUSH products with you. I love the philosophy of the brand, natural, cruelty free and sustainable. What's there not to love? Nevermind the fact that all of their products smell like heaven...and rainbows and unicorns. Anyways, there are four products I am faithful to and I wanted to share them with you!

1. The Olive Branch - Contains fairtrade olive oil, fresh mandarins, bergamot oil and vine leaves which give it a soft sweet smell, nothing overpowering like "Flying Fox". The olive oil also works wonders for the skin, it leaves it soft and lightly scented. I hate when my showegels smell overpowering or dry my skin out, this one is perfect - give it a shake and use it with a loofah (too runny to lather on using your hands) and your skin will glow!

2. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner - This is actually a conditioner, yes like the stuff for the hair, for your skin. Its really useful if youre like me and youre simply too lazy to apply cream after the shower, wait for it to dry, etc etc. This cream is easy to use and makes your skin softer than any other cream I have used. Containing a variety of moisturing oils that are good for the skin such as argan oil, cocoa butter, cupuaƧu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and fair trade shea butter, it gives the skin a powdery rose smell while leaving it divinely smooth. I also noticed that it helps even out your skin tone. Just put it on in the shower after your shower gel, take off with water, and watch magic happen.

3. Rub Rub Rub - I hate it when scrubs are too rough, having sensitive skin some scrubs can be quite bad for it. This one however does a wonderful job at scrubbing without hurting or damaging the skin. It contains mineral-rich sea salt and organic lemon juice as well as some mimosa and orange flower absolutes to give it a subtle scent which lingers on the skin all day.

4. Ceridwen's Couldron - This product is divine, it is incredible, no really. Its a bath melt which is packed and I mean PACKED, with all sorts of oils and butters like cocoa butter, walnut oil, and oatmilk. It comes in a little mesh poch which, after the butter disolves into the water, can be used to wash your body as it contains oats and a wildflower mix which calms and soothes the skin. It also make it look like youre bathing in milk (for those who like to pretend to be Cleopatra) and leaves the skin soft for days after.

Here are my four favourite products from lush that I will never give up using, give them a try and let me know what you think!



I love the concept of "indian summer", I think it's what Switzerland is experiencing right now. The thought that you can enjoy several delicious days of warmth when summer seemed to have bid adieu, is divine. At this time I, of course, become sick and enjoy the beautiful sun from the confinement of my sofa. Murphy law all the way.

I took these pictures a few days ago with Romina of Blaastyle when the sun was being kind. Can you imagine I bought these awesome pants a year ago in Paris, in a store called Les Fees de Bengale which first attracted me with the whimsical dresses displayed in the window. I fell in love with the designs even more when I found out all the pieces were sustainable and made of high quality materials. I love Paris for that, it lets you discover so many new brands and cute stores. I paired these statement pants with a crop top I got at Asos and some nude Jimmy Choo heels. To add a contrasting pop of colour I wore the MAC Girl About Town lipstick and a beautiful necklace I received from Swarovski. 



As promised I am continuing with the theme of office wear. I love women in suits, I think it is the most sexy yet understated look, a well tailored suit is a must. It's powerful and feminine, strong and fragile all at the same time. Here I decided to play with the rules a little and wore the jacket on bare skin, a look I wouldn't advise for the office (unless you have a very liberal boss), but perfect for an evening party. I find that the most simple things can be sexy without being vulgar, todays society seems to teach us that the more skin you show the more attractive you are. I believe that sexiness and allure are achieved not solely by what you wear, but "the look in your eyes" so to speak.

The suit I am wearing here is Dolce & Gabbana, one of my favourite fashion houses, you want powerful, strong, sexy and feminine all in one, they're your guy. I have owned this suit for years and it never went out of style, its so classic. I love the charcoal gray, the delicate pinstripes, the strong shoulder. Needless to say it's my coup de coeur. I paired it with some simple black heels and a bold red lip by MAC. Sometimes the most simple outfits can be the most intricate.



Have you seen my interview for Edelweiss magazine? I was one of the 13 bloggers asked to style pieces by Swiss designers which will be shown at the annual Edelweiss Showroom in Geneva this year. I chose this feminine Tamara Perez dress, the ethnic accents gave an original touch to what seemed to be a classic design. The full outfit post will be on the blog soon! For now read the whole interview - HERE.



I think nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of your first job, earning your first money and rewarding yourself using means that you earned. Having a paid job for the first time is liberating and also very rewarding in many ways, every purchase has a different meaning, every little luxury you paid for yourself, becomes that much more special. I think that young adults should engage in internships as much as they can before they find a proper job, it teaches discipline and manners that are hard to find elsewhere. My work in Philip Morris International has been an amazing experience that has taught me so many valuable lessons about corporate life.

With corporate life however, comes a dress code. When I found out I could wear jackets and knee length dresses and skirts, and kitten heels without looking ridiculous I was over the moon. In the next few weeks I will try to share with you several "smart" looks that are appropriate for the workplace without being boring. Here I am wearing a razor blue Zara dress that I got a few days ago, the material is great and the colour, even greater. I paired it with a white Sandro tuxedo blazer and really funky Zara heels. I wanted something official yet playful, and let me tell you these heels attracted attention!


I love how this song is so sensual yet still has a captivating and energizing beat. Enjoy!



Unfortunately summer in Switzerland is coming to its end. A betraying breeze can be felt in the morning, a light chill when the sun goes down. For me the end of summer is very melancholy and nostalgic, and quite more significant than... say the end of a year. I tend to have an urgent need to put my life in order, organise my closet, make a plan for the following months. I think it's a similar pattern to that of animals preparing for the long winter months. I have decided to take a gap year, travel, learn Italian, work on myself (cliche I know) and attend university in England next year. I have a lot of exciting plans and one of them is to develop the blog as much as I can, among many others that I plan to share with you!

To bid farewell to summer I picked out some bright shades you don't see much of in winter - blues and greens. This gorgeous top was a birthday gift from the amazing girl who I am lucky enough to call my best friend, who is also the photographer! She and I will be doing our best to take the best pictures in the upcoming month. I am also wearing the cult shorts, these are everywhere and sadly I have succumbed, I got these on SheInside. I also want to point out my beautiful bracelet, this is one of the creations of a new online store called Mosaika, the kind Evgenija gave me several of these bracelets to incorporate into my looks and share with you guys! She creates the bracelets herself from semiprecious stones and often with a small symbol. Mine is a cute bicycle! Check out more of her designs - HERE.



We are all familiar with "look" based fashion communities such as Lookbook and Chictopia. However there is a new player on the field - the Munich based STYLIGHT community. This new exciting platforms allows you to not only share your look, but to create a sort of moodboard, with videos, quotes, items, pictures or anything else you want. You can get creative and make really special boards which are then projected to the stylish and sleek STYLIGHT community. STYLIGHT allows you to discover new styles, bloggers, inspire, be inspired and most importantly get involved and be creative. I must highlight how amazing their whole team is in supporting and promoting bloggers, they did a lovely article about me earlier this year and I am very grateful for the recognition and continuous interest in Stylittude (follow me on STYLIGHT here). Be sure to check out STYLIGHT, if not to contribute then to be inspired!