I love the concept of "indian summer", I think it's what Switzerland is experiencing right now. The thought that you can enjoy several delicious days of warmth when summer seemed to have bid adieu, is divine. At this time I, of course, become sick and enjoy the beautiful sun from the confinement of my sofa. Murphy law all the way.

I took these pictures a few days ago with Romina of Blaastyle when the sun was being kind. Can you imagine I bought these awesome pants a year ago in Paris, in a store called Les Fees de Bengale which first attracted me with the whimsical dresses displayed in the window. I fell in love with the designs even more when I found out all the pieces were sustainable and made of high quality materials. I love Paris for that, it lets you discover so many new brands and cute stores. I paired these statement pants with a crop top I got at Asos and some nude Jimmy Choo heels. To add a contrasting pop of colour I wore the MAC Girl About Town lipstick and a beautiful necklace I received from Swarovski. 

I am wearing:
Crop top: ASOS
Heels: Jimmy Choo
Bracelet: Hermes
Necklace: Swarovski 


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