As promised I am continuing with the theme of office wear. I love women in suits, I think it is the most sexy yet understated look, a well tailored suit is a must. It's powerful and feminine, strong and fragile all at the same time. Here I decided to play with the rules a little and wore the jacket on bare skin, a look I wouldn't advise for the office (unless you have a very liberal boss), but perfect for an evening party. I find that the most simple things can be sexy without being vulgar, todays society seems to teach us that the more skin you show the more attractive you are. I believe that sexiness and allure are achieved not solely by what you wear, but "the look in your eyes" so to speak.

The suit I am wearing here is Dolce & Gabbana, one of my favourite fashion houses, you want powerful, strong, sexy and feminine all in one, they're your guy. I have owned this suit for years and it never went out of style, its so classic. I love the charcoal gray, the delicate pinstripes, the strong shoulder. Needless to say it's my coup de coeur. I paired it with some simple black heels and a bold red lip by MAC. Sometimes the most simple outfits can be the most intricate.

I am wearing:
Suit and heels: Dolce & Gabbana
Ring: H&M
Watch: Rolex
Lipstick: Russian Red by MAC