I think nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of your first job, earning your first money and rewarding yourself using means that you earned. Having a paid job for the first time is liberating and also very rewarding in many ways, every purchase has a different meaning, every little luxury you paid for yourself, becomes that much more special. I think that young adults should engage in internships as much as they can before they find a proper job, it teaches discipline and manners that are hard to find elsewhere. My work in Philip Morris International has been an amazing experience that has taught me so many valuable lessons about corporate life.

With corporate life however, comes a dress code. When I found out I could wear jackets and knee length dresses and skirts, and kitten heels without looking ridiculous I was over the moon. In the next few weeks I will try to share with you several "smart" looks that are appropriate for the workplace without being boring. Here I am wearing a razor blue Zara dress that I got a few days ago, the material is great and the colour, even greater. I paired it with a white Sandro tuxedo blazer and really funky Zara heels. I wanted something official yet playful, and let me tell you these heels attracted attention!

I am wearing:
Dress, heels, bag: ZaraBlazer: Sandro
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Bracelet: Hermes
Rings: H&M