I love autumn - the spicy scent of the cold in the mornings, the sounds of the falling leaves, and naturally the colours. Autumn has so many of them, beige, orange, red, brown, dark green, the list goes on and I cannot help but be inspired by all of them. Autumn is also quite a nostalgic time, we let go of the past and let the past die so that we can make something stronger. Maybe all the colours are nature's way of helping us let go.

As I said, I am inspired by the warm shades of autumn and I used as many as I could in this look. The sweater I am wearing is from SheInside and it is incredibly cosy and comfortable. I belted it to give it more shape over my checkered Zara shorts. I am also wearing some beautiful D&G boots and my wonderfully soft wool socks. I can tell they will be my best friends this winter (I got them in 3 colours). I added a little bling with a Topshop necklace and some Chanel pearl earrings. Hope you like the way I used the autumn palette.



I consider myself very lucky in terms of the people I am surrounded by, my closest friends are all creative, artistic and most importantly very talented. Day on day they make me discover and appreciate art, design, and inspire me to create myself. These images are the work of Zoe Horgan who is a little minx, an incredible talent and amazing friend. We took these a while ago and only now has she shown me the final result, and I love the creative way she put these images together. I hope you all do too.



Darker times. The mood of the streets shifted, gray skies, gray buildings, early sunset, late sunrise. I though I should adapt to this new mood and embrace it, which is why this series of pictures are much darker and have a different tone to them than my usual, bright and almost(!) over exposed ones. I took these with Romina right before the Mode Suisse event, which I must say was fantastic this year, and it was almost too dark to take them, yet I love the effect. 

I was inspired by sailors, their commitment to comfort yet ability to look so casual and chic. So I mixed mostly the traditional navy, black and white hues. The blazer is a piece I have owned for year and was actually one of my first buys when I started interesting myself in fashion, it is the classic by MaxMara. The skirt is Zara, from the latest collection, and has such a great length and fabric it's perfect for winter. The shoes, the shoes, oh these shoes, I think they have been my most coveted buy this season, they are Louis Vuitton and happen to be the most comfortable, beautiful and perfect autumn shoes (a rare combination). I am also wearing very warm wooly sock as I have a strong appreciation for comfort (like sailors) and a H&M Collection cap. Accessorised with rings from Asos and Juicy Couture and the famous 2.55 Chanel bag I am officially a wanna-be sailor. Arr!



Here are some more modeling shots I wanted to share with you. The mood of these is much darker and more intense then the previous post, the make up is so minimal as is the styling. The power of these shots lies in the colours and shadows as well as the intense facial expression (I had to laugh in between shots to take the edge off, the photographer told me to look like I was an angry murderer). I think that a lot of the time simplicity holds so much more detail and power than elaborate styling or make-up, sometimes so much more character can be seen when all the unnecessary props are removed.