I have loved and admired the Aziza Zina brand for a long time, ever since I met one of the designers at Mode Suisse several years ago. The brand's elegance and clean, chic cuts have always appealed to my style and this year, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days, the brand amazed once again. Summer collections are Aziza Zina's forte, the beautiful tailored silhouettes of the dresses sent down the runway made me want to be at a garden party in late Spring. The primal colours was white, with notes of baby blue and fuchsia, which created a pure and clean feeling. The intricate lace used as details for numerous designs made the collection even more interesting and alluring. To conclude I must say that it was one of my favourite collections and the flower power of the collection seemed to convert everyone observing the runway. Congratulations Aziza Zina for another amazing collection!



I love Zurich, it's so much more vibrant and international than Lausanne or even Geneva. It is the perfect mix of urban and luxurious style. I had a wonderful day that started with a brunch in Bohemia with Digital Eye and other Swiss bloggers. After which I attended the H&M Showroom (check out the full post HERE), and then headed back to town to get some Sprungli hot chocolate with the awesome Ana of Fashionoxic

As you can see I had a lot of running around and going from place to place, therefore I needed an outfit that was comfortable and warm yet stylish. Denim on denim is one of those trends that have become permanent, it looks effortless and allows for movement and comfort. Here I paired a Mango shirt with my H&M boyfriend jeans, threw over my IRO fur coat and ran around merrily. As for the details, I wore the must-have H&M cap, my beloved 3.1 Philip Lim bag (I've been wearing it non-stop), and Louis Vuitton booties. Always remember comfort and style are not opposites.


H&M SS 14'

This weekend I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days in Zurich, one of the biggest fashion events in Switzerland. H&M is one of the biggest partners and sponsors of the event which means that during these days many events are organised by the fashion house. One of these events was a showroom that showcased the SS 14' collection which I attended on Saturday. I must say I was very impressed with the intricate details and quality of the pieces presented. The main inspiration behind the collection seemed to be boho-chic so lots of flowy dresses, headscarves and denim jackets. Very excited to see this collection hit the stores (put the navy blue sweater on my wishlist already).



There are classic pieces that belong in every girl's closet, a beige Burberry trench is one of them. I, in a very cliche fashion, got mine in London last fall and have sworn by it ever since. There are so many ways to wear it, and so many things to wear it with. It's an investment worth making. I am currently preparing for my exams while also making a schedule for my weekend in Zurich for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days, I'm so excited to be back in the vibrant city. I will be updating you constantly on Instagram and Twitter!

Under my beloved trench I am wearing an intricate lace top I receiver from Sheinside, the embroidery is exquisite and makes for such a beautiful piece. Check it out - HERE. I am once again promoting flat shoes and sporting my Burberry wellies which look chic yet are very practical in the rain and snow. Along with those are some classic Levi's black jeans, my H&M hat which gives the look a touch of elegance and my 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli satchel which I now swear by. Overall the effect is a very classic look which is practical yet elegant.



I never liked anything about maths, especially not after letters started replacing more and more numbers. Geometry on the other hand I adored, playing with shapes and lines was perhaps the most fun I had in a maths class. Now I am done with school yet geometry seems to always catch my eye, in architecture, home design and, naturally, clothes. Im always a little wary about playing with patterns, I have very little appreciation for all the "Do's" and "Don'ts"so I just go with it.

I decided to wear stripes and checkers and shoot it against a lined background, when I go, I go all out. Im wearing a gorgeous structured miniskirt I received from a really cool online store called Choies, the material is sturdy and I was impressed by the quality of the garment. You can buy the skirt - HERE. I paired it with a vintage blouse that was given to me by my mother, from the "good old 80's". As for outerwear, this is my new favourite coat, the colour, the material, the structure are all perfect, god bless Zara! As for the accessories I am wearing the new cult classic H&M Collection sailor cap and my new Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli Satchel (an investment that's worth it). On my feet are some very comfortable and not heeled brogues which dont kill my feet while walking through town, hope you appreciate my commitment to wearing flat shoes!