I have loved and admired the Aziza Zina brand for a long time, ever since I met one of the designers at Mode Suisse several years ago. The brand's elegance and clean, chic cuts have always appealed to my style and this year, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Days, the brand amazed once again. Summer collections are Aziza Zina's forte, the beautiful tailored silhouettes of the dresses sent down the runway made me want to be at a garden party in late Spring. The primal colours was white, with notes of baby blue and fuchsia, which created a pure and clean feeling. The intricate lace used as details for numerous designs made the collection even more interesting and alluring. To conclude I must say that it was one of my favourite collections and the flower power of the collection seemed to convert everyone observing the runway. Congratulations Aziza Zina for another amazing collection!

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  1. I loved this collection, it was probably the most amazing one of the whole evening! And I truly need to ask you about your camera settings the next time we meet - my pictures turned out so bad, oh my. Was lovely (finally) getting to know you! :)