I truly am fascinated by designers such as Stella McCartney who so effortlessly create glamorous designs while remaining sustainable and earth-friendly. This is why I only applaud H&M and their conscious collections, it is proof and a statement that fashion doesn't need to be a cruel industry to animals, workers or the planet. The Exclusive Conscious collection by H&M, was divine with intricate designs, great quality, and pleasant fabrics. I still giggle every time someone asks which designer my baby pink dress is by whenever I'm in a nice boutique or restaurant, and witnessing their utter shock when I reveal that it is H&M (First Exclusive Conscious Collection) 

This outfit was really casual intended for a stroll through town, the wide legged pants are a MUST for spring, especially in a light fabric like these ones. They're comfortable and chic (who doesn't want that combination). I also wore my beloved Louis Vuitton baby pink loafers and mini Alma bag, the colours were a perfect match to this flowery Zara t-shirt. 



After my trip to Denmark I realised that no one does sneaker-casual better than the Danes. I saw businessmen, women, kinds, fashionistas, pretty much everyone rock a pair of sneaks in all shapes, colours and sizes. They were worn with dresses, skirts, pants, suits and looked phenomenal which made me envy that Danish nonchalance and effortless sophistication and style that earned them the title of some of the most stylish people in world. When I received these amazing NIKE Free Runs from the awesome Fashion Friends web outlet, I became determined to channel even a fraction of that awesome Danish style.
The sneakers became the focal point of the outfit (how could they not with those lovely colours?) with the other pieces being fairly casual. The jeans are another little treasure of mine, I found them at the ACNE Archives, the amazing Acne Studios outlet in Copenhagen which was a bit like a fairytale, all the amazing Acne designs with crazy discounts. I'm not joking when I say I wanted to stay there for hours, needless to say the boyfriend was not as keen. Im also wearing the cool blazer from the H&M Exclusive Conscious collection and a lace Dolce & Gabbana top. The bag is another new item in my closet, a very very coveted gift from the above mentioned amazing boyfriend, oh Louis Vuitton you just know how it's done.



Milan Fashion Week was an amazing experience, I had an absolute blast and perhaps for the first time was able to immerse myself fully into the fascinating world of fashion. However besides the obvious excitement of attending the shows, the showrooms and meeting some pretty incredible people, the craziest is perhaps the hordes of photographers and the incredible world thriving outside the fashion shows. Often dubbed the "circus" I see why that is, the crazy colours, the even-crazier outfits and the constant clicks of cameras. When I discovered my photos on Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, Elle Germany etc. I felt so absolutely amazed and grateful because as a blogger it is one of the biggest compliments one can receive. Therefore, as I have mentioned in my previous post, although I could not share any outfit posts with you, I shall share these Street Style features.




Coming back to the quiet and unaware Lausanne after Milan Fashion Week seems almost surreal, the fashion world that lives and buzzes within itself is after all relatively small and a very brutal reality check is needed when coming back to the conservative streets of Lausanne. I also have to highlight that my experience in Milan was thrilling and unforgettable, as my first official fashion week I was quite taken aback by the craziness of it all... and very quickly hooked on it. My decision to go was quite last minute, and I must say I was incredibly lucky to be able to attend some of the most amazing shows such as Roberto and Just Cavalli, Ermanno Scervino and Frankie Morello and be featured in publications such as Vogue Italia, Marie Claire US and Teen Vogue. Unfortunately as I went alone I did not have a photographer to shoot my looks which means that I cannot share them on the blog, however you can follow me on Instagram (@anastasiashev) to see all my adventures in Milan.

Now as for my outfit, after wearing heels for almost a week straight I decided to relax a little and opted for some casual Asos brogues. I also discovered an awesome new outlet called Fashion Friends which hosts some amazing designer sales! It is in one of these sales that I snatched this navy Ralph Lauren sweater which I absolutely adore. I really recommend you sign up for Fashion Friends and check out their sales. Really happy to start working with them! Im also wearing a pait of navy printed H&M pants, a Zara leather coat and my beloved (and a little over-worn) 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel. Hope you all had a fun Sunday!




I just wanted to share this lovely TED talk with you (I'm a big fan of those) and share with you some of my thoughts about the topic and it's increasing threat in the blogging industry. 

Cameron Russell talks about her photos being "constructions", carefully put together by teams of hair stylists, make-up artists and photographers. She describes her face and body being carefully shaped to suit the demanding requirements of today's fashion world, and her fear that her character is becoming secondary to her looks. My big fear is that our modern-day mania with perfection has slowly made it's way into so many fashion blogs. I used to follow a number of bloggers, yet throughout time it seemed that their photos got more and more polished, their outfits more and more generic, and the posts they wrote more and more impersonal. Now, it's absolutely fine to improve and grow, however I have always thought that perfection belonged on the pages of Vogue while blogs were written by real women for real women. Now I am not going to sit here and say that I don't enhance my photos however I DO NOT photoshop my body or airbrush my skin to a point where Annie Leibowitz would want to eat her heart out. 

I believe that the magic of blogging is in it's accessibility and honesty, so why are blogs progressively becoming more and more "constructed"?



Several days ago I was invited to the La Redoute press day to see some key pieces from the SS 14' collections carried by the online store. My Playground, the PR agency responsible for the event, organised the event flawlessly and with taste (complete with adorable hors d'oeuvres). I even fell in love... with a dress, no, with THE dress. When I saw this gorgeous garment that looked like it fell out of a 50's tea party I knew it was special, the petticoats, the lightweight material, the soft off-white colour. Thank you Ms. Delphine Manivet for bringing effortlessly bringing back a very classic feminine elegance, your pieces were definitely a big crush for me. 

I also liked Cedric Charlier's structured and crisp pieces, spiced up with bold colours. The clean lines of the garments made even the boldest of colours seem extremely wearable. Another collection I loved was Gat Rimon which was a mix of sporty materials and shapes juxtaposed against traditionally feminine elements like sequins and silk. This concept has been attempted by many designers, however sometimes the effect isn't ideal, Gat Rimon's collection perfectly plays with the opposing styles, creating an intriguing outcome. Shop all of the pieces on La Redoute!



I have been gone a while but in my defense I have had a very eventful few months. I have really exciting and life-changing events coming up and I am very excited to keep working on the blog and share those changes with you. As you might have noticed I am not too liberal with colour in my outfits. I shy away from colour blocking and exciting patterns and shades and with this outfit I wanted to embrace the most colourful of trends - pastel colour block.

I have been working with SheInside for a while now and I love their pieces, theres some wonderful items on their website and with a small search there is something for everyone. This time they gifted me with a gorgeous wool mint coat. Its slightly oversized but its very warm (seeing as Swiss temperatures are unforgiving that's a big bonus). I paired it with a lavender Massimo Dutti sweater and some light blue H&M jeans. I am also wearing my awesome beige Isabel Marant sneakers that I splurged on a few weeks ago. One piece of advice, beige suede can be a nightmare, so invest in some good leather cleaner and protector. As for the accessories, the necklace is from Zara and the bag form Ferragamo.



Today I wanted to talk to you about an innovative new brand of perfumes - Valeur Absolue. They smell and feel like conventional perfumes, however they have a curious element, well being. The "More than Perfume" concept is perfumes which are enriched with natural active elements that make us feel and smell good. Thanks to Eileen of Coolbrandz I was lucky to try out the "Harmonie", "Sensualite" and "Joie-Eclar" perfumes. Not only is the packaging and scents amazing, but their claim is truthful! The essential oils in the perfumes are there to stimulate the brain and trigger the release of endorphins to make you happier and healthier. I felt buch more alert and awake when using the "Joie-Eclat" and very relaxed while wearing the "Harmonie". Overall I loved the experience and recommend that you try it out, check out their website - HERE!