Today I wanted to talk to you about an innovative new brand of perfumes - Valeur Absolue. They smell and feel like conventional perfumes, however they have a curious element, well being. The "More than Perfume" concept is perfumes which are enriched with natural active elements that make us feel and smell good. Thanks to Eileen of Coolbrandz I was lucky to try out the "Harmonie", "Sensualite" and "Joie-Eclar" perfumes. Not only is the packaging and scents amazing, but their claim is truthful! The essential oils in the perfumes are there to stimulate the brain and trigger the release of endorphins to make you happier and healthier. I felt buch more alert and awake when using the "Joie-Eclat" and very relaxed while wearing the "Harmonie". Overall I loved the experience and recommend that you try it out, check out their website - HERE!