Several days ago I was invited to the La Redoute press day to see some key pieces from the SS 14' collections carried by the online store. My Playground, the PR agency responsible for the event, organised the event flawlessly and with taste (complete with adorable hors d'oeuvres). I even fell in love... with a dress, no, with THE dress. When I saw this gorgeous garment that looked like it fell out of a 50's tea party I knew it was special, the petticoats, the lightweight material, the soft off-white colour. Thank you Ms. Delphine Manivet for bringing effortlessly bringing back a very classic feminine elegance, your pieces were definitely a big crush for me. 

I also liked Cedric Charlier's structured and crisp pieces, spiced up with bold colours. The clean lines of the garments made even the boldest of colours seem extremely wearable. Another collection I loved was Gat Rimon which was a mix of sporty materials and shapes juxtaposed against traditionally feminine elements like sequins and silk. This concept has been attempted by many designers, however sometimes the effect isn't ideal, Gat Rimon's collection perfectly plays with the opposing styles, creating an intriguing outcome. Shop all of the pieces on La Redoute!


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