I truly am fascinated by designers such as Stella McCartney who so effortlessly create glamorous designs while remaining sustainable and earth-friendly. This is why I only applaud H&M and their conscious collections, it is proof and a statement that fashion doesn't need to be a cruel industry to animals, workers or the planet. The Exclusive Conscious collection by H&M, was divine with intricate designs, great quality, and pleasant fabrics. I still giggle every time someone asks which designer my baby pink dress is by whenever I'm in a nice boutique or restaurant, and witnessing their utter shock when I reveal that it is H&M (First Exclusive Conscious Collection) 

This outfit was really casual intended for a stroll through town, the wide legged pants are a MUST for spring, especially in a light fabric like these ones. They're comfortable and chic (who doesn't want that combination). I also wore my beloved Louis Vuitton baby pink loafers and mini Alma bag, the colours were a perfect match to this flowery Zara t-shirt. 



After my trip to Denmark I realised that no one does sneaker-casual better than the Danes. I saw businessmen, women, kinds, fashionistas, pretty much everyone rock a pair of sneaks in all shapes, colours and sizes. They were worn with dresses, skirts, pants, suits and looked phenomenal which made me envy that Danish nonchalance and effortless sophistication and style that earned them the title of some of the most stylish people in world. When I received these amazing NIKE Free Runs from the awesome Fashion Friends web outlet, I became determined to channel even a fraction of that awesome Danish style.
The sneakers became the focal point of the outfit (how could they not with those lovely colours?) with the other pieces being fairly casual. The jeans are another little treasure of mine, I found them at the ACNE Archives, the amazing Acne Studios outlet in Copenhagen which was a bit like a fairytale, all the amazing Acne designs with crazy discounts. I'm not joking when I say I wanted to stay there for hours, needless to say the boyfriend was not as keen. Im also wearing the cool blazer from the H&M Exclusive Conscious collection and a lace Dolce & Gabbana top. The bag is another new item in my closet, a very very coveted gift from the above mentioned amazing boyfriend, oh Louis Vuitton you just know how it's done.